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The Old Farmhouse

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The New Forest Pub in the Town Centre
39 Mount Pleasant Road, Mount Pleasant, Southampton.
Old Farmhouse Pub Reopened now
Situated in Mount Pleasant Road, to the west of the river Itchen, between the Cobden and Northam bridges and within walking distance of the new 'Saints' stadium there stands a most unexpected survival of rural days, The Old Farmhouse.
The oldest surviving pub in Southampton with a beer garden.

Sorry this pub is no longer featured on our website.

A bit of the History of the Pub

The building itself was once set in meadows on a tree bordered pathway by the river Itchen.

There was a farm here from the very early days, known as a grange of St. Denys; Davies, the historian states: "In 1151, William, son of Audoenus, gave to St. Denys his patrimony of Northam." This grant continued and was confirmed by kings and bishops until 1465 at least, and probably until the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII.

The Farm then fell within the boundaries of Northam Manor, which were located from Belvidere Wharf (these are the modern designations for the area), then crossing the present Northam Road and Derby Road to midway between Oxford Avenue and Argyle Road to the North East of the fire station, then parallel to St. Mary's Road, through the site of the hospital and St. Luke's Church and down to the river Itchen again, a considerable area of farmlands.

In the 1560 map of Southampton the farmhouse and it's buildings are shown, but it was rebuilt in 1611 by one E.R., so far an unknown personage. The date stands in white bricks, in rather crooked figures, with the initials on the south wall.

It is rumoured the Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England for much of the 1650s, stayed here once or twice, but so far no real confirmation is forthcoming.

This Grade II listed building opened as a beer house in 1843 when Panton's Wareham Brewery took out a 1000 year lease on it. Mrs. Annette Eddy was probably the first landlady; she is certainly listed as being here in 1852. The 1878 Drink Map shows a beer house on this site; in those days the pub's address was 8 Mount Pleasant. Scrase's Star Brewery took the pub over from Panton's Wareham Brewery in 1892; later it became the property of Strong's Romsey Brewery.

The Old Farmhouse
39 Mount Pleasant Road
SO14 0EG
Phone 078 1556 4554
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